First International Computer, Inc. (FIC) was founded by Dr. Ming J. Chien in 1980 and has enjoyed considerable success year after year. FIC is now a dominant force in the technology market both in research and development, and manufacturing.

As Computer, Communication and Consumer Electronics (3C) markets have converged, FIC has adapted and developed, becoming a respected producer of 3C related products. Many new and innovative products have joined the FIC product line and the company is no longer simply known for its award winning range of motherboards

Now firmly established at the top of the 3C market, FIC is determined to continue achieving excellence in the field of engineering and manufacturing services.


First International Computer's (FIC) mission is to produce cutting-edge solutions which provide convenient access to any content, anywhere, and at anytime. By offering the highest quality manufacturing solutions and services, competitive total cost of ownership, superior integrated design expertise, and efficient global logistics, FIC can promise its customers secure, long-term partnerships based on flexibility, integrity, and ethical business practices.

The FIC Group's vision is to Develop, Design, and Manufacture Machines, Instruments, Devices, and Systems so that any Info, Data, Video, and Audio content is available for Sending or Receiving through Networks at anytime and anywhere to BRINGING LIFE TO TECHNOLOGY.


First International Computer, Inc. (FIC) is part of the FIC Global, a successful collection of technology companies which are a dominant force in the industry. Currently the FIC Global encompasses 3 separate areas of the industry : Information Technology, Telecommunications, and System Integration. The subsidiary companies that make up the FIC Global are all thriving market leaders in their own fields and together span the whole spectrum of IT industries. Collectively they produce an extensive and diverse range of high quality products. Always ready to take on innovative and creative research and development projects, the FIC Global has become a highly influential element of the global IT industry.


A key factor in the ongoing international success of FIC is the sophisticated Global Logistics network it operates. FIC refers to this Global Logistics network as "e-Glogistics". Enabling easy communication and collaboration with customers worldwide, orders are dealt with and executed rapidly, thanks to the efficient nature of the supplier hubs. In some cases, a customer order can be executed within 1 hour-whereas previously it might have taken up to 2 days.

FIC's e-Glogistics network consists of 6 supplier hubs, 12 manufacturing/assembly sites and 7 branch offices worldwide. Meanwhile, FIC's e-Support provides the ability to quickly and effectively deal with the service needs of end-users.


Leading Edge R&D

FIC is committed to the Research and Development of trend setting products. Through numerous strategic innovation alliances, FIC has been able to work hand in hand with industry leading partners such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft, VIA, ATi, and nVidia. These alliances allow FIC to deliver cutting edge products with the very best time to market, by leveraging the latest in technology.


Dedicated Team

FIC invests heavily in quality people who are dedicated to the research and development of new products and solutions. Leveraging our OEM experience this dedicated team of R&D engineers continually innovates to produce the most stable motherboards, innovative systems, and pioneering advanced form factors.

Thorough Validation

FIC utilizes the newest and most sophisticated test equipment, and  continually invests in state of the art validation labs to ensure the highest level of product quality. Whether the system is destined for an OEM build, system integration, or the channel, you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested and validated and will exhibit a superior level of product excellence.