FNet Co., Ltd. was formed in June 1996; the development of the computer software tools is always our main target. We are with the principle of creation, technology, and responsible to serve every customer. FNet, with its dedication to software development, has been the pioneer of many creations, such as the 1st executive file for an anti-multi-virus program; the 1st smart & instant recovery system; the 1st IP share network system; the 1st H.D. Synchrony copy system etc. And, the Watch Dog Intelligent Recovery System Series are selling worldwide. We are proud that our professional technicians and creation ability. FNet's chief business is high-volume software licensing recent years, we realize that an ideal software will add the hardware value, increase sell-through, reduce technical support calls and generate fewer returns, therefore, we provides a series of easy-to-use and powerful software solutions that we can discuss face-to-face with you and customize the proper solutions to meet your specific needs of your device, your business and your customers. your commodities by bundling better software have good competitive advantage on the market. FNet is always proud to offer the integral software solutions for the PC hardware manufacturers, these are including the external device, NAS, network bandwidth management, IP sharing, USB device driver control, system backup recovery system, media converter etc. FNet can closely match your requests and to develop the ideal packaged software for your clients. 

Awards as follow:

  • 1997 Taiwan Golden Quality Award
  • 2002 the 9th Small & Medium Enterprise Innovation Research Award
  • 2002 The award of Computer DIY 2002 editor's best choice
  • 2003 Republic of China Symbol of Excellence
  • 2003 Taiwan Innovation Exhibition Golden Award
  • 2003 Germany IENA Gold Medal Award