MicroLinks Technology Corp. who belongs to E-United Group, was established in 1995 and devote to develop up-to-date technology. E-United has been successful in the field of the Steel Industries Education, Medical Service & Health Care, Real Estate Development & High-Tech development. Since it developed high speed DVD decoder chip, MicroLink's ultra team strives to create new technologies as MPEG4 high quality decoder. In year 2005, we keep in according with E-United's management philosophy 「Innovation, Growth, Responsibility and Continuity」.

We invest much R&D activity for the mission of creating the innovative product, Digital Mobile Microscope. Through the unique technology, we would like to bring a very Convenient and Economic tool for 21 century human being's motivationally digitized life. Industrial PC, welcome to check and try us, you will be assure to enjoy our service forever. Our worldwide market territory includes North America, Europe, and Australia. In the future, Powertech will thrive to develop new technologies, integrated solutions for Power protection.

At the same time, we thrive to maintain close relationships with customers worldwide and provide world class services. We will also continue to dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of life and the well-being of people's life and property. It is Taiwan's first company to focus in financial e-commerce and personal finance software field. i-Kiddo extends its parent's major business to kid's financial tool, it provide children's financial toys and tools, which help kids around the world to form good saving habit while they are still young and teaches them financial knowledge of saving and investment.