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200 gorgeous hopeful applicants to be selected as "COMPUTEX Sweeties"

News Release: 6
Release Date: 2010/04/14

In order to help the participating exhibitors to enhance potential sell, a group of 30 COMPUTEX Sweeties with youthful spirits that will stir-up the atmosphere ardently while roaming around the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2010 in celebration of 30th anniversary. Once the "COMPUTEX Sweeties" activity was announced, there were at least 200 gorgeous applicants have registered, hoping to be selected as COMPUTEX Sweetie. Majority of applicants came from university graduates, advertising models, leading actress from movies and soap operas, contestants from local matinee idol shows and so forth. The COMPUTEX Sweetie is attracting international media attention as the new topic for exhibition.

Everyone has beauty and own personality, causing big headache to co-organizer
Taipei Computer Association (TCA), the co-organizers of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, pointed out that there are 200 female applicants have registered since the day news is released to search for "COMPUTEX Sweeties". One of the basic requirements is the English-speaking ability, which some applicants can even speak 5 foreign languages. In addition to their sophisticated personality and well-experienced in dancing, hosting job and catwalk, some applicants have more talents including a drummer, a co-captain of baseball squad, owned various kinds of technical ability certificates and etc., causing big headache to TCA how to evaluate and eliminate such beauty and talented applicants.

Moreover, the 30 selected "COMPUTEX Sweeties" will be available at the pre-show press conference of Best Choice Award of COMPUTEX TAIPEI is on May26th and also they will be at selected sections during the exhibition as the "COMPUTEX STAR". TCA calls it is a last chance for those applicants who want to increase international exposures before deadline arrives on April 16th.

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