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Published Date:2011/11/04

Wireless Charger Is About to Outpace the Traditional ones

Wireless chargers will outpace the traditional chargers in the near future. Since wireless charge phones are emerging in the market, the wireless chargers become more and more popular. On this week's Computex.biz Weekly News, we present the featured wireless, solar and portable chargers on our website.

Editor recommended Products
AN-400BS  iAN-400BS
Model Solar Panel Charger. Suitable for iPhone 1st; iPhone 3G; iPhone 4. The ultra thin design solar battery can be charged in three ways. Illuminated easy-to read charging indicators. Rechargeable up to 1,000 times.

Supplier: Jada technology Co.,Ltd

pWireless Charger PAD
Wireless Charger PAD iWireless Charger PAD
Multi-function wireless charging board can be applied to the induction wireless charging of all kinds of portable devices, including e-book and smart phones. Charging status indicated by LED.

Supplier: Fu Da Tong Technology Co.,Ltd.

APB-1126  iAPB-1126
Magic I pocket rechargeable battery charger 2600mAh. True 5V/1A high power output which supports iPad1/2 and pocket routers. Easily portable: weighted 74g. Strong LED torch lighting function.

Supplier: aMagic Ltd

M8000 iM8000
Portable PowerBank for 9~12V Mini PC and IPAD/IPhone...mobile devices. M8000 is an Portable powerbank which can provide power to your mobile devices when you are away from power outlet or run out of battery.


iXP1-4X iiXP1-4X
iXP1 PowerShark Universal Chargers. Works with USB charging cables provided with major brands of cellphone's and smartphone's. Power shuts off automatically. Works with car adapters.

Supplier: Xmultiple Technologies, Inc.
More Chargers
Multifunction Bag Related Products
More Multifunction Bag

Great Articles of the Week
pInformation of Wireless Charging Products Information of Wireless Charging Products
Recently, wireless charging has been a hot issue in the market. The most extensive application in commercial products is near-field coil inductance. Fu Da Tong Technology has put great efforts on developing this technology for many years...
pXmultiple Press Released New XP1 power products Xmultiple Press Released New XP1 power products
The XP1Power-9000 provides a powerful integrated rechargeable battery for hours of backup run-time power. In addition it combines surge protection as well. When you connect it to a device you can use...
Tech News
NB news: Wistron receives more, Compal and Quanta cut down; Asustek overtakes Acer
Taiwan, EU held an IPR seminar to discuss on Internet content copyright
Trade Zone
[Want to Sell] Mini ITX case
[Business Opportunity] LDD-4000( Icsensors MEAS 4000 ) MEMS accelerometer,pressure sensor, transducer
The Hot Search Products of the Week
1 Arg-1105
Arg-1105 is an indoor fixed gain booster for WLAN solution (IEEE 802.11/b/g). The output is 500mW (+27 dBm) nomial.
2 MD-054 7" Tablet PC w/phone call
7" Capacitive touch screen, phone caull, 3G internal, WiFi, Dual Camera, Android 2.3 OS,Dual Camera.
3 UHD-5102 Series
Handheld Terminal.
4 F20 Dual-lens Car Recorder
『SHEN LI ZHE』F20 Dual-lens dual-channel High quality Car Recorder.
5 FPC-150Q
Pico Portable Lcos Mp3 Projector built-in memory.

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