Established in 1980, Protech Systems Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial PCs, automation products and embedded computers for companies around the world. Product lines include single board computers, book-size PCs, POS, and Panel PCs. Protech Systems is an Associate Member of the Intel Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. Protech is certified by TUV Product Services for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Protech is dedicated to providing customers with top quality, high performance solutions along with the most reliable professional service. Innovation is the key element.

Innovation is one of the key 

emphases for Protech's research and development. We are constantly developing unique and value-added products. In order to be the 21st century leader in this competitive industry, we retain the strength and the competitiveness of our R&D teams.

Our R&D team can be divided into hardware, software, mechanical, CAD, and quality engineering. Owing to our vertical intergration ability, each stage in developing a new product is being done in Protech Systems. Therefore, we have more stringent quality control than other competitors. While working with qualified professionals, Protech has been using high-end instruments and spares no effort to develop innovative product and provide solution to meet the demand in the market place. 
Flexibility is the main issue for our OEM/ODM service. General production capability and passive technical support can no longer satisfy different customers. As a result, we are dedicated to collect and analyze the latest trends to instantly provide diverse products and services to meet various demands. To satisfy individual needs is our promise to you. To enforce our promise is the motivation of our self-improvement. Since we see your problem as our own, we are happy to make new design or do modifications for you in order to meet your own requirements.


R&D Structure

Our professional R&D staffs occupy nearly 30% of our total work forces. The R&D division can be devided into 6 teams including Electronic Engineering (EE), Software Engineering (SE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Qualified Engineering (QE), CAD Layout (CAD), Applicant Engineering (AE) and Product Manager (PM).

We make the quality.

Through decades of providing high quality standard products, Protech has gained vital trust and confidence of its customers. Each product undergoes strict quality control, starting from designing to production, to shipping, and to after-sale service. Each process is carefully examined to follow the ISO9001 Standard, an international standard on quality management and quality assurance. The idea of maintaining the quality standard procedure has been highly integrated in each individual and into every division. With overall quality assurance, we are able to guarantee the quality and the use of every product, and to fulfill our promise for serving our customers.

Protech intends to turn each client into a fully satisfied customer. In order to fulfill our promise, we warrant every product and provide long-term service after sales. Whenever is a problem, our strong sales team and professional Customer Service Engineers will provide immediate technical support to properly solve the problem. With our certified products and services, choosing Protech will be sure to optimize your professional performance and help you reach the peak of perfection.