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USB Autofocus Microscope UM05

UM05 Autofocus microscope integrate with manual focus and autofocus to enlarge available focus range

Product Keywords: USB microscope, digital microscope, USB Autofocus microscope, mobile microscope, handheld microscope, autofocus, manual focus, Vitiny, MicroLinks, 自動對焦顯微鏡, USB型顯微鏡,手持式顯微鏡,マイクロスコープ,オートフォーカス顕微鏡, オートフォーカスマイクロスコープ,USBマイクロスコープ, USB顕微鏡, VITINY顕微鏡,顕微鏡,

Microlinks Technology Corp.

Active Supplier Frequent UpdateActive COMPUTEX ExhibitorsTCA MemberEstablished Over 10 yearsListed Company (TWSE)
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