80% of the product competitiveness is determined by Research 

Our team has grasped the key technologies in our industries. We take a macro view of the product system: understand different departments' characteristics and requirement, introduce the technology via our engineers and associates, and integrate products mix with efficiency. All efforts concentrate to develop the quality products with good function and the value within deadline to achieve competitiveness.

QC Equipment

Telebox persists in its strict sampling inspection and quality control, and assures its out-going quality level becoming our continuing quality policy. As early as 1994, we started practicing the ISO-9001 quality system as connector developer and manufacturer. In 2005, the system was verified to the ISO 9001:2000 for continuing improvement.

In order to put RoHS under control, we installed a mobile X-ray detector in order to meet the requirement. We bridge our suppliers and subcontractors with education, with whom we induct a customers oriented quality control system. We upgrade the concept of "quantity" to "quality and quantity", in which we carry out the Telebox principle- mutual support, co-exist and mutual glory.

Automatic Machine Development
Together with the professional engineers, the ERP manufacture management system, and the automatic production machines, we are continuing to invest testing and measuring equipment for providing powerful integrated production and fulfilling our client with diverse and customized product in short delivery term.