Biography of Pier Carlo Falotti

Pier Carlo Falotti is an Italian national born in 1942, and currently serves as a board member for numerous companies across the U.S. and Europe. With over 40 years of experience in the business world, Falotti is well versed in technical, after-sales services and sales operations, and in managing multinational corporations. As a member of Acer Inc.'s Board of Directors, Falotti is expected to offer valuable advice for Acer's business goals, and help enhance the company's total performance and efficiency.

Falotti retired in 2000, prior to that he served at Oracle Corp. from 1996 where he joined the company as Senior V.P. and oversaw the entire Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. In 1998 he was promoted to Executive V.P., and was instrumental in helping the company to refocus on its business priories, and as a result doubled the revenues and more than tripled the profit.

From 1994~1996 Falotti served as CEO and President for AT&T Europe, and later held the responsibility for all international operations outside of the U.S. In 1992~1994, he was President and CEO of ASK Group, a software and database company in California.

Falotti's 40-year business career began in 1960 as a technical salesman. He was also a pioneer of the large computer system, Univac III, and later engaged in various technical, sales and service job functions prior to his promotion as President and CEO of Digital EMEA, in 1983. He remained with the company for nine years, during which revenues grew from US$1~7 billion and was the most profitable region of the corporation.