Internal 2.5-inch SSD Storage Module - Delicate body structure similar to 3.5”HDD, Elegant Metal design, Easy unloading SSD patterns 2010/04/22

RAIDON Technology has announced two new items, internal 2.5-inch iR2420-2S-S2 and iS2420-2S-S2 storage devices. Coming with elegant aluminum texture appears delicate material and simple tray ejection design, it accommodates two 2.5-inch SSD or SATAII hard drives which provide consumers quick and convenient installation. Compact size of a 3.5 "hard disk size, allows 2420 Series to be installed in any 3.5-inch HDD slot in the PC, even a floppy slot! It utilizes the limited space inside the computer case.


The unique tray ejection design, 2420 Series can be easily installed SSD or HDD without any screws, it allows users to eliminate the cumbersome process. In the mean time, equipping with hot swappable design, SSD or HDD is removable while system is still running.


InTANK 2420 Series


iR2420 supports RAID0 and RAID1 function, user can select the desired function through the RAID switch on the back panel. While using SSD with RAID 1 mode, it increases efficiency and stability of the entire system, also ensure the system keeps 24 hour running. Furthermore, iR2420 can solve short life span of MLC and gives the best solution for people who has limited budget but requires operation facility and data security. In the other hand, under RAID 0 mode, it enhances efficiency of transmission and integrates total capacity that is suitable for finite storage space or efficiency demander. Moreover, accompany with RAID Guide software and environmental detector, user can keep up the latest state of the system; make sure the data be well protected.


iS2420 is a simple 2 Bay Module, through two independent SATA ports, which can respectively accesses two SSD or HDD. When using SSD, it can be swapped any the time via SSD’s original miniUSB port that you can transfer data on other computers and then set back to facilitate, taking the advantage of data-carrying convenience.

2420 series storage modules is the ideal choice for limited space issue of computer case but requiring stability and efficient performance, such as, workstations, MIS servers, POS systems, digital monitoring server or mini-workstations, etc.