A-DATA Slim Solar Drive 2007/07/26

Product Name:  Silm Solar

The innovation of the solar-powered Drive is an attempt to provide end users the "ease-of-use" and "fun-to-use" experience.

The A-DATA's latest portable storage device is available with a maximum 16GB capacity and measures only 4mm thin. The A-DATA Slim Solar Drive is the world’s first USB flash drive that displays the available capacity by a solar module. The design concept of A-DATA Slim Solar Drive innovatively combines the solar panel with a flash drive. Even under low light, the solar panel can power the built-in five-digit display screen to show the remaining free space on the flash drive, so that it is not necessary to connect the device to a computer. The product is a complete data, graphic and multimedia file storage solution. With regards to the storage function, the Slim Solar Drive maximum 16GB capacity makes it a powerful and convenient device.