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Think Cloud will demonstrate eSignature solution for Fintech safety of mobile transactions
Think Cloud Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2012 by Charles Wu who is a medical doctor and the superintendent of Lain An Hospital.
VIEW PHONE TECHNOLOGY showcases VPT-S PhoneStation Head Mounted device for smart phone

"Wearing you phone"- Despite of limited budget, many consumers still want for their gadgets to have large screen for them to enjoy watching videos, playing games with interactive motion experience such as virtual reality or 3D display and other entertainments, as the resolutions of smartphone getting more pixels, similarly to the giant-size LCD TV at comparable resolution. Thus, VIEW PHONE TECHNOLOGY has developed VPT-S PhoneStation headset device, worn on the head with built-in adjustable and changeable lens module design for 3D stereoscopic display, and through software integration, turning user's smartphone of 3.5~6-inch LCD screen with more than 720p resolution, into 200-inch display screen.

VPT-S PhoneStation uses adjustable and changeable lens module to improve the "zoom effect" on the phone's screen
The architecture design of VPT-S PhoneStation is incorporating with adjustable and changeable lens module that make the correct interpupillary distance (IPD) and focus to match the user's perspective; then the clear image through software installed inside the smartphone can be processed , whether from the App application software or App game, the user can now watch a 200-inch display screen effects conveniently.

Due to the smartphone built-in a high resolution display, many sensors, wireless connect chipsets and a high capacity battery is powerful, the VPT-S canoffers lightweight, easy to carry, and no electronic circuit design, no additional connecting wires required; therefore, at the installation and usage is more convenient than the Oculus Rift, and can be used any time and anywhere. While on the software side, as long as there is suitable matching App game software, the user can now enjoy the game screen with 3D Virtual Reality display, head-tracing, augmented reality and immerse effect.

VPT-S PhoneStation can be used special App for application
According to the company, one of the benefit of VPT-S PhoneStation is allows users to watch the screen, without using their hands to hold, as the software is an App designed to provide other applications. For example, the need for precise maintenance occasionally, is generally used with an optical magnifier, the common practice is the need of a hand to operate the optical magnifying glass and focus the action, which the movement from the hands is very awkward.

If the device is bundled with APP software, the use of mobile phones with built-in camera can magnify up to 10-times of glass, which is providing video zoom display function. Not only it can use the of phone's camera flash fill light, the phone camera lens itself allows users to completely disregard to the use of hand to adjust, as both hands are freely at the same time, to do some precision repair works like repairing a watch is actually quite helpful.

VPT-S PhoneStation is looking for software developer for the integration of hardware and software as one body
VPT-S PhoneStation is a hardware device, which create a new way to use smart phone. Through running awesome APPs software, it can provide new applications and exterme experience. The View Phone Technology is hoping to find software App developers, particularly specialized in the mobile device or in accessory. During the COMPUTEX exhibition, any interested distributors, resellers, game developers, APP developers, video platform providers and other industry are invited to visit them for the integration of hardware and software products for App development and design services.