Entry-Level Digital Signage Content Management Server

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No
Current Export Markets : Worldwide


Equipped with intuitive user interface and accessible online help
Update contents to a maximum of 20 SMP players simultaneously
Offer flexible central scheduling based on once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timescales
Broadcast emergency messages with just two clicks
Make rich Library and cloud resources freely available
Provide a one-time investment for self-hosted digital signage networks
Main Features
Intuitive User Interface
With a concise and clear design, CAYIN CMS server’s new user interface allows you to handle the system in an instant and manage a great quantity of SMP players all at once. Moreover, help files are accessible through the help button on every page, navigating you through the learning process.

Ready-to-use Digital Signage Server
CMS-20 is bundled with dedicated digital signage software as a complete content management server for digital signage networks. The hardware and software are optimized to work well together. You can not only enjoy a seamless user experience, but also manage the device remotely from your web browser without installing any additional software.

Two-Layer Group Management
Administrators can create a maximum of two-layer groups to manage all SMP players systematically in two major aspects: content updates and task scheduling. CMS server will centrally control the playlists of all media players and synchronize content automatically to all players in groups.

Efficient Management of Multiple Digital Signage Players
One CMS-20 server can control a maximum of 20 SMP players simultaneously. All SMP players connecting to the CMS server can be monitored through the server’s web-based user interface in two view modes: icon and list view. Instead of configuring media players one by one, you can manage all of them at the same time. Administrators can also locate SMP players on Google Maps when SMP players activate the location/GPS function.

Instant Alert Broadcasting
With just two clicks, you can activate the alert mechanism and broadcast emergency messages to a particular group or to all groups. Emergency messages can be presented in many formats, such as texts, images, video, HTML, etc.

Rich Library and Cloud Resources
All necessary raw materials, including multimedia files, fonts, clocks, skins, programs, and playlists, can be accessed easily in the Library to assist you in organizing resources. Moreover, the system allows you to upload your desired fonts or even to download the latest templates from CAYIN’s Cloud service for free to greatly enrich your content.

Intelligent Scheduling Management
You can insert a one-time event or arrange periodic tasks based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timescales for all SMP players in groups. Location-based scheduling is also doable to largely increase the flexibility. SMP players will playback multimedia content automatically based on the schedule assigned by the CMS server. CMS provides two viewing modes, calendar and timetable, for you to facilitate schedule management.

Live Streaming Video Channels
CMS-20 can manage a maximum of 2 video signals per server and up to 64 inputs for the whole system. It can transmit streaming data to SMP players by means of LAN broadcasting, multi-casting, or uni-casting and provides the most updated, multimedia entertainment for digital signage networks.

Multiple Ways to Update Content
Multimedia content can be updated by FTP and Network Neighborhood. You can also upload or delete files directly in the Library of CMS’s user interface.

Secured Decentralized Management
Administrators can create multiple user accounts and authorize each account to possess different access rights. Usernames and passwords are required to access the user interface and media folder.

One-Time Investment
There are no extra fees or licenses for adding media players to work with the CMS server, no matter the number. It is the best solution for self-hosted digital signage networks. 

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