TADA Pavilion will Showcase Vehicle Technology Innovations in COMPUTEX 2023

 Publish Date :2023/03/29

The Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association (TADA) co-organized a forum with Renesas Electronics and Retronix Semiconductor on March 21 titled the Renesas R-Car Automotive SoC Strategy Forum. The forum featured speakers from Renesas Electronics and discusses the development strategies of the Renesas automotive semiconductors for Automated Driving/ Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (AD/ ADAS) architectures. The forum also talked about the changes in the automotive industry made possible by the Software Defined Car trends and various xEV solution architectures. The speakers shared their insights on the new generation of automotive electronics platforms and the direction of xEV developments to the gathered over 200 industry professionals.

As a co-organizer of COMPUTEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that TADA will also organize the TADA pavilion in COMPUTEX 2023, booth number M0830. The pavilion will showcase the latest trends in automotive developments, including smart cockpits and ADAS systems. Visitors to the pavilion can directly contact the exhibitors to inquire on the various automotive electronics modules and products such as EV charging stations, IoV devices, and other smart mobility products and solutions.

Smart EV will be the Meeting Point of Automotive and ICT Industries

Dr. Sam Shen, the Secretary General of TADA stated CES has become a main exhibition for car makers to release new products in North America. This trend highlights the close integration between the automotive and ICT industries; especially as newer vehicles feature various new smart functions. Smart functions such as ADAS, smart cockpits, and connected applications for improving driving safety are not limited to electric vehicles, but are also applicable in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. This general trend opens new possibilities for companies who want to enter into the automotive segment.

Expanded Renesas Product Portfolio Accelerates Automotive Product Development Rate

During the forum, Mr. Ro Chawla, Vice President Sales in Asia Pacific of the Strategic Automotive Sales in the Global Sales & Marketing Unit of Renesas Electronics Corporation stated that Renesas has traditionally held a strong position in microcontroller units (MCUs), analog ICs, power chips, and system on chips (SoC) solutions. However, Renesas has recently expanded their product portfolio by acquiring companies with strong expertise in their respective fields such as wireless communications, AI, and radars.

Renesas now provides 8-bit, 16-bit, 320bit, and 32/64-bit MCUs as well as hardware for various applications including ADAS, IoV, automotive audio-visual entertainment, smart cockpits, car dashboards, etc. Through their recent acquisitions, Renesas also offers various types of sensors, wireless communication chips, analog chips, and power chips that can be offered to users, consumers, and partners as a starting point for their product development which they can customize or adjust as needed. The expansive product portfolio combined with the offered services and convenience places Renesas as a leader in automotive semiconductors.

Automotive CASE Trends will Rely on Software and Semiconductor-Driven Solutions

Mr. Takeshi Kataoka, Senior Vice President, Co-General Manager of the Automotive Solution Business Unit of Renesas Electronics Corporation shared that Connected, Autonomous, Shared/ Service, and Electrified (CASE) remains one of the main Mega Trends of the automotive industry. This means the automotive industry’s main focus will shift from the mechanical components to the software and service that drives the value of vehicles. This trend can be seen in the relatively small increase rate of automotive sales compared to the rapid increase in semiconductor sales.

The change can also be seen in the electronic architecture of automobiles that moved away from the traditional distributed architecture to centralized architecture before eventually moving to zonal architecture. This transition will enable over-the-air (OTA) updates, as well as reducing the amount of wiring harness needed for various new functions and capabilities. In addition, the transition to zonal architecture will also accelerate developments of new software-enabled automotive functions and mitigate the conventional limitation that prevents true software/hardware integration.

To facilitate automakers to quickly develop smart automotive functions, Renesas launched the R-Car Automotive SoC platform that was designed for the era of autonomous driving which relies on various automotive electronics applications. These underlying technologies include AD/ADAS, automotive gateway, in-vehicle entertainment systems, smart cockpits & dashboards, and more; all of which need to be ISO26262 certified within the ASIL-D standard. To achieve this goal, it is important to unite system integrators, software & hardware suppliers, OS developers, tool suppliers, etc. through the R-Car Alliance. This alliance will enable developers and car manufacturers to various car connectivity solutions, ADAS, and gateway products focusing on different market requirements.

Mr. Kataoka further explained that Renesas provides a comprehensive product portfolio to facilitate the development of various types of xEV solutions that can help manufacturers in their product development process. Manufacturers can also integrate digital chips, analog ICs, power chips, and system software that Renesas offers; reducing the possibility of R&D failure. Renesas also provides a comprehensive solution for AD/ADAS in various levels and application scenarios, further accelerating the development rate of AD/ADAS modules.

TADA Pavilion to Focus on Vehicle Technology in COMPUTEX 2023

To help facilitate visitor find the Vehicle Technology solutions they need, TADA will organize the Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Pavilion in COMPUTEX 2023 at booth number M0830. Buyers interested in finding the latest in vehicle tech and smart mobility can connect and network with the suppliers joining the pavilion.


COMPUTEX TAIPEI (or COMPUTEX) started in 1981 by the then-chairman of Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Mr. Stan Shih. In 1985, TCA invited Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to be a co-organizer of the event. As Asia’s leading B2B ICT tradeshow, COMPUTEX showcases innovations from global leaders of the ICT industry and is now one of the most important events for new product launch events.

Since 2016, TCA expanded COMPUTEX to include InnoVEX, a startup focused event to run concurrently with COMPUTEX to connect startups with leading ICT companies from around the world. InnoVEX is where startups can match with global VCs, CVCs, manufacturing partners, buyers, and media in one hybrid platform.

COMPUTEX 2023 will focus on metaverse, vehicle tech, gaming & entertainment, HPC and ChatGPT, 5G, AIoT, ESG, and semiconductors. For more details, please visit the official COMPUTEX website at www.computex.biz/

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