COMPUTEX 2023 Creates a Reliable Global Digital Supply Chain for AI Solutions

 Publish Date :2023/05/29

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023 will be held from May 30 to June 2 in Nangang Exhibition Center Halls 1 and 2. As the co-organizer, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that facing the rapid development of the global digital economy, COMPUTEX 2023 opens with the theme of “Together, We Create”. Featuring 8 main topics of metaverse, vehicle tech, 5G, AIoT, HPC (including ChatGPT and AIGC), ESG, gaming, and semiconductors; COMPUTEX 2023 will host over 1000 exhibitors from a total of 26 countries and regions in over 3000 booths. Representatives from world leading technology companies including NVIDIA, Qualcomm, NXP, Acer, Supermicro, Arm, SIEMENS, Ampere Computing, Lenovo, TI, Solidigm, STMicroelectronics, ASUS, KIOXIA Taiwan, Delta Electronics, Intel, and other companies are invited to hold keynote speeches and dedicated forums.

COMPUTEX is held concurrently with the startup focused event, InnoVEX which is positioned as the innovation hub of Asia. InnoVEX 2023 will host 400 global startups from 22 countries and regions including Japan, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Israel, as well as international organizations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). In total, 9 international trade offices and organizations will join InnoVEX 2023, along with 7 pavilions organized by government agencies.

The pavilions will showcase innovations in AI, 5G, IoT, biomedical, healthcare, vehicle tech, metaverse, cybersecurity, ESG, and other digital transformation & innovative solutions. As international travel resume, this year InnoVEX invited speakers representing the AI chip design unicorn Tenstorrent (Canada), Volkswagen (Germany), Continental AG (Germany), Renesas (Japan), SUBARU (Japan), ALPS ALPINE (Japan), KDDI (Japan), Nasscom (India), and other representatives from leading companies who came to Taiwan to deliver share their insights in person.

Domestic & International ICT Giants Gather at COMPUTEX to Build a Reliable Global AI Solution Supply Chain for Digital Transformation

TCA stated that COMPUTEX 2023 will be joined by domestic and international ICT giants including Acer, ADATA, AIC, ASRock, ASUSTeK, ATEN, BenQ, Chenbro, Clientron, Compal, Delta Electronics, ELAN, ESSENCORE, FSP, GIGABYTE, G.SKILL, Inventec, MSI, NVIDIA, NXP, Ingrasys, Innodisk, InWin, KIOXIA Taiwan, PNY, Posiflex, Pro Gamersware, PSMC, QCT, Pegatron, Realtek, Seasonic, Solidigm, Supermicro, Systration, Team Group, Thermaltake, Transcend, Voltronic Power, YFC, ZOTAC, and more. COMPUTEX will debut various new technology products as well as build a reliable global supply chain of AI solutions for digital transformation.

TCA shared that generative AI might be a core topic in COMPUTEX and InnoVEX 2023. In his commencement address for the 2023 Graduating Class of National Taiwan University on May 27, the Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Jensen Huang stated that AI will affect all industries, including healthcare, financial services, transportation, manufacturing, and more. Agile companies will leverage AI and boost their positions, while companies that fail to do so will fade. NVIDIA’s DGX AI supercomputing system and the Omniverse Enterprise collaboration and simulation platform also won the Golden Award and Category Award respectively in the Best Choice Award 2023; the official award of COMPUTEX.

The winning products of the Best Choice Award 2023 (BC Award 2023) range from AI computers, gaming & metaverse, electric vehicles & smart cockpits, smart applications, ESG, and cybersecurity which reflect the main trends for international buyers. The winner of the highest honor, the Best Choice of the Year Award will be announced at the COMPUTEX 2023 opening ceremony and the winning products will be showcased in the BC Award Pavilion in TaiNEX 1, 4F, booth L0307a. Buyers and professionals are welcome to visit and check out the winning products to find the best from COMPUTEX 2023.

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COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD to Share New Product Launch Videos and Livestream Forums

TCA stated that due to the time limitations of the onsite event, the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD Platform will host event information and serve as the online platform of COMPUTEX. During the onsite event from May 30 to June 2, 20 leading ICT manufacturers are invited to release new products online; including: AIC, Jetway, ASUS, Transcend, G.SKILL, Pro Gamersware, YFC-BonEagle, MSI, Sea Sonic, In Win, ATEN, ASRock, GIGABYTE, QCT, Posiflex, KIOXIA Taiwan, ADATA, PLANET Technology, Delta Electronics, Acer, and more (manufacturers listed by order of broadcasting). 31 manufacturers were also invited to share their new products online.

Hybrid online and onsite format has become the mainstream for various major events in recent years. COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD will livestream over 40 international forums held for InnoVEX throughout the 4-day event for global visitors who are interested, but cannot join the InnoVEX Forums in person. In addition to introducing the event themes and featured products, the platform will also share highlights such as event highlights, guided tours, and more.

Visit the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD Platform here:

COMPUTEX Implements ESG, Green Sustainability, and Environmental Protection in CYBERWORLD with the Green Sustainable Pavilion

ESG has become one of the main global focuses. This year, COMPUTEX collaborates with exhibitors and partners to implement ESG-focused measures during the event to comply with the global demand for sustainability efforts. The ESG-focused implementation measures include: 1. Providing dedicated on-site signage for exhibitors that have obtained ESG certifications for better recognition; 2. Organizing the ESG-focused Green Sustainable Pavilion in the TCA operated COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD Platform to showcase our exhibitors’ green products and sustainability projects or success stories; 3. Introducing the Sustainable Tech Special Award for sustainability focused products in the Best Choice Award; 4. Adding ESG and sustainability topics in the COMPUTEX and InnoVEX forums.

TCA has also conducted a survey on the exhibitors to further raise awareness on feasible environmental protection efforts. The survey has also helped share the ESG measures that the exhibitors have taken; including by encouraging more electronic signage or digital literature instead of paper-based displays as well as using more recyclable materials for their booths and other real efforts. COMPUTEX 2023 is also strengthening energy saving and carbon reduction efforts; such as by reducing the printed visitor badges and promotional materials to showcase the commitments in achieving a sustainable event organization.


COMPUTEX TAIPEI (or COMPUTEX) started in 1981 by the then-chairman of Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Mr. Stan Shih. In 1985, TCA invited Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to be a co-organizer of the event. As Asia’s leading B2B ICT tradeshow, COMPUTEX showcases innovations from global leaders of the ICT industry and is now one of the most important events for new product launch events.

Since 2016, TCA expanded COMPUTEX to include InnoVEX, a startup focused event to run concurrently with COMPUTEX to connect startups with leading ICT companies from around the world. InnoVEX is where startups can match with global VCs, CVCs, manufacturing partners, buyers, and media in one hybrid platform.

COMPUTEX 2023 will focus on metaverse, vehicle tech, gaming & entertainment, HPC and ChatGPT, 5G, AIoT, ESG, and semiconductors. For more details, please visit the official COMPUTEX website at

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