Introducing the Revolutionary PoE Touch Terminal from Penetek Technology Inc.

 Publish Date :2024/02/21
Discover the next generation of POS with Penetek's PoE Touch Terminal, perfect for industrial, hospitality, and retail. This robust terminal features an industrial-grade mainboard and a remarkable sub-0.5% annual failure rate, guaranteeing consistent performance. Powered by an Intel J6412 CPU and a PoE module, it supports the A4415 PoE POS, P4415 PoE Panel PC, and P4424 PoE Kitchen Display, reducing cable clutter for enhanced efficiency. Its modular construction ensures easy updates and customization, while the dual-screw mount design allows straightforward maintenance. The "G" stand adjusts for comfort and efficiency and fits most thermal printers, optimizing space and sustainability. With IP65 front and IP54 back ratings, it's built to resist spills and dust. Enhance your operations with Penetek's POS solution at For immediate assistance, please contact