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Ayla Networks Provides Enterprise-scale IoT Cloud Platform

Ayla Networks Provides Enterprise-scale IoT Cloud Platform To respond to the fast-growing IoT demand, Ayla Networks introduces enterprise-scale agile IoT cloud platform. In addition to helping clients integrate IoT functions into enterprise devices or consumer products, Ayla’s end-to-end solution connects devices, cloud services, and application software, providing safe connectivity and data analysis for clients and enterprise devices and can provide richer user experience for end-product consumers.

Because Alya uses an flexible model design and has enterprise-scale data analysis ability, Ayla’s IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) can be used in smart home, smart buildings, consumer electronic products, and big retailers. Ayla is already collaborating with well-known international companies such as Aquanta, ChangHong, Fujitsu, Galanz, Hisense, Hunter, Lockstate, Midea, Owlet, Spinn, and TCL in various fields.

Ayla Platform Offers All-Round Enterprise-Scale IoT Services And IoT Communications Protocol Functions

Ayla’s Agile IoT Platform is comprised of three primary parts: Ayla Embedded Agents, Ayla Cloud Services, and Ayla Application Libraries. The platform provides a complete solution to connect nearly any device to the cloud and applications while offering all of the tools and premium services needed for a manufacturer to manage, provision, and analyze their IoT deployment. Ayla removes the need for manufacturers to invest in networking stack development, end-to-end security, cloud infrastructure, and the other undifferentiating IoT “must haves” when bringing connected products to market, allowing them to focus their resources on their areas of expertise, where it matters.

The AMAP (Ayla's IoT Mobile Application Platform) can help device manufacturers develop iOS and Android apps, including Internet connection, log in, registration, device setup and management, password reset, Wi-Fi and Zigbee settings, usage history, Apple HomeKit setup, event notifications and activity scheduling, and other functions, finishing almost 85% of the tasks for app developing. Thus device manufacturers only have to focus on developing products and conducting data analysis, providing specified apps to users for download.

And because of Ayla’s technical capabilities in networking services and cloud platform, Ayla can help device manufacturers handle IoT devices with different communications protocols at the same time, getting them to work simultaneously and eliminating problems that occur with centralized control. A real example would be that Ayla can control and collect data from all IoT devices that support HomeKit and Thread Group at the same time through one single app, which is something other IoT Cloud platforms cannot do easily.

Company Name: Ayla Networks Limited Taiwan Branch
Hall: TWTC Hall 1, 1F, SmarTEX-Smart Home & Entertainment
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Publish Date :2017/05/27