RAIDON Technology providing a reliable production lineup of storage solutions meeting the demand of various industries while exceeding the satisfactions. The storage solutions ranging from JBOD, disk array, NAS and iSCSI that are user-friendly structured for the balance of reliability and performance, yet styled with unique product ID designs. Upholding the principle of manufacturing trustable data storage is always the priority of RAIDON Technology products, simply because it is the fundamental factor of data storage for securing the existence of one’s valuable data.


With two storage brands STARDOM and RAIDON were established for different market demand, offer easy, smart data safety, high-speed storage product with comprehensive service for construction design, professional photo/video editing, media and SOHO users. You may like to read more our products. Please refer to the links: STARDOM / RAIDON


RAIDON Technology distributors and dealers are spread all over the world, HQ and base in Taiwan for worldwide service.  Please feel free to contact with us if you would like to join us or have any further queries.