Y.J.E. Display Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in April, 1999 by group of experienced Industrial computer engineers. At the beginning, our business are mainly focus on IPC products, including Industrial computer, computer chassis, CPU, LCD panel, open frame LCD monitor and touch screen. Also, we provide our customers with total solutions and fast services as a goal. However, after more than ten years of development, IT industry boomed in this keen competitive era. There are some important issues needed for every company to think about. How to stand in the highly competitve market How to minimize the developing time of products?

How to progress rapidly In order to seek some break through, Y.J.E. Display Tech. Co., Ltd. won over the order of Rugged Portable Computer-Demand 9002 from C.E.S. Group Inc. in U.S. We built up a good-partnership and left a great impression on each other during the cooperation, even make a bridge for future partnership. On July, 2003, Y.J.E. Display Tech. Co., Ltd received the case of system from C.E.S. Group Inc. again, and worked on developing the Rugged Panel PC-Demand 7000 Series. We took the responsibility of resembling, testing, and developing the military-standardized Embedded Motherboard, waterproof keyboard & mouse for military use. In this case, Y.J.E. Display Tech. Co. Ltd accumulated the experiences no matter in developing or integrating the Rugged Computers.  

That is, to provide the customers high-quality services and competitve products and to reach the idea of running multi-angular business, have been Y.J.E. Display's goal for many years. In the beginning of 2004, we have begun to sell the CPU which made by IBASE Technology as a consignee, as well as selling name brand LCD panel from 6.4' to 32". Furthermore, Y.J.E. Display started to design and manufacture Rack Mount LCD Monitor, Industrial LCD Monitor and Open Frame LCD Monitor on our own. And we recieved good results in the market. In the beginning of 2005, resulted from that Y.J.E. Display considered the importance of getting LCD Kits and Flat Panel Control Board, we firmly decided to dedicate in the R&D engineering by investing amount of capitals and personnel. Finally, we completed developing a series of products for our customer.

On the other hand, Y.J.E. Display took the responsibility of being one of the global society, we started to manufacture our products with RoHS. We have kept the spirit to continue our manufacturing.   Accumulated experiences from last eight years, Y.J.E. Display Tech. Co., Ltd has transformed into a professional company in integrating, designing, producing, and selling of Rugged Computer System, Industrial LCD Monitor, Open Frame LCD Monitor, Flat Panel Control Board. As our customers, you'll be satisfied with our professional integrating abilities and creative products, Moreover, you will be backed up by our highly-developed technology. To thank for our customers’ support, we will keep on providing more competitive products and services. On the early April, 2006, Y.J.E. Display Tech. Co., Ltd. set up Foreign Sales Department to promote our products worldwide. Our goals are not only put our products into internationalization, but also ask every company members in Y.J.E. Display Tech. Co., Ltd to have a wide vision of internationalization. Share the best products with you.